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Buying a home can be a confusing process, and it’s made even more confusing when you encounter a slew of different realtors along the way. It’s important to understand each realtor’s role in the transaction, and how to protect your interests when buying a home. Here are a few common areas where confusion arises. Visiting open houses. If you walk into an open house, you’ll most likely...Read More
Knowing what to expect when you purchase a home can help make the whole process smoother. Here are five steps to making your move a positive experience. Call your utility providers. At least a week before you move, call the electric company and other utility providers so that they'll transition service from the previous owner on moving day. Allow extra time for the movers. It's common for...Read More
One of the most common questions I hear from home buyers is how to handle the pre-approval letter: "We're preapproved to $500,000, but since our offer is less than that, should we provide a letter for a lower amount?" It's understandable that buyers will worry that a listing agent will assume they will pay a lot more for a house if they see a pre-approval letter for more than what the...Read More
People from around the world are drawn to the Boston area for its vibrant economy and world-class health care. Also high on peoples' wish lists for places to live in the Boston suburbs include: * Top rated public schools * A reasonable commute to Boston * Attractive, family-friendly neighborhoods However, home prices in those communities can be pretty steep so it's often a tradeoff...Read More
I received this important alert from our friend and colleague, Attorney Richard Vetstein : Fannie Mae’s new Loan Quality Initiative mandates will curtail borrowers’ spending before their home closings, and could derail some closings for buyers who rack up purchases before their home sales have closed. The new changes are part of a new effort by mortgage giant Fannie Mae to cut...Read More
Today it’s easy for home buyers to find a wealth of useful information for their home search right from their mobile devices. Here’s a sampling of some handy real estate applications available for the iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, and iPad. For all mobile devices Search on the Run allows you to learn the entire inventory of homes for sale in the MLS by town,...Read More
In Massachusetts, there are usually two real estate agents involved in the purchase of a home. The listing agent represents the home seller while the buyer’s agent represents the home buyer. A buyer’s agent acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want, then negotiating the lowest possible price. For example, your buyer’s agent will work on your behalf to...Read More
Boston real estate is always a hot topic, especially when it involves a celebrity. Boston area residents were abuzz this past week in the wake of an article speculating about where Shaquille O'Neal was buying a home. I certainly can't say whether Mr. O'Neal would want his new address splashed all over the Boston Herald , as it was last week, but many wealthy individuals--be they...Read More
New to the Boston real estate market? Choosing a new town to live can seem overwhelming for those relocating to the Boston area. The good news is there are plenty of great options to choose from. Here are a handful of tips to narrow down your choices: Commuting to Boston. Where will you be working in Boston, how long of a commute is acceptable, and do you plan to drive or use...Read More