Frequently asked questions about moving to Boston

If you’re considering moving to the Boston area we thought we’d share answers to frequently asked questions about relocating here.

FAQs about moving to Boston

I’m new to the Boston area and am not sure where to start searching for a home. What’s the best way to find which Boston areas are right for me?

Visit the “where to live” section of our site to learn all about what makes each Boston suburb stand out. Here you’ll find detailed community descriptions, property tax rates, home sale prices, as well as descriptions of each Boston suburb. 

You can also find the best Boston public schools. We also created a chart highlighting 30 of the top ranking Boston public schools, along with the home sale prices and commute times from each of those towns.

I’m early in my search. Do you have any recommendations for getting to know the Boston area?

Absolutely! Just drop us a line by phone (508-904-0515) or email and let us know a bit about what you’re looking for, whether it’s advice about the public schools or getting a feel for the Boston area real esate market. We work with many people who move to Boston from afar and often help them get started researching areas before they arrive. This way, you can make the most of your time here once you arrive.

Also, you can let us know when you’re planning your first visit and we’d be glad to set up a commuity tour to help you get to know the area. Many of our clients tell us this was useful in helping them to narrow down the towns they wanted to focus on before diving into house hunting.

I’d like to talk with a realtor, but I don’t want to be pressured into buying a home.

Not to worry, we’re definitely not the “strong-arm” type! We’re here as a resource, whether you decide to buy a home in Boston now or in years to come. I’d love for you to take a moment to read about our clients’ experiences.

I don’t have a lot of time to find a home. What advice do you have?

Not a problem. We work with many relocating professionals who have a short window of time to find just the right home in the Boston suburbs. We find that the best approach is for us to learn as much as possible about your ideal home and community before you visit. Then we preview homes in the weeks preceding your visit, and schedule home tours of the very best choices during your stay. This way, we can help you save time and make house hunting more enjoyable for you.

What do you like best about living in the Boston area?

Many of our clients are drawn to the area for our public school systems, world-class medical care, and strong economy. There are many exciting career opportunities in education, high tech, biotech, and health care, among other fields. Personally, I love the crisp autumns here in Boston, and I like living within an hour or so of both beautiful beaches and scenic mountains. I’m not a skiier but many people here like to head to New Hampshire or Maine to ski or snowboard.

What do you like least about living in the Boston area?

The winters can be pretty cold, and oddly, after living in the Boston area almost my entire life I’ve never gotten used to driving in the snow! Thank goodness for the train!

One of the biggest concerns people often have when moving here is the cost of housing. No question about it, Boston housing is expensive compared to many parts of the country. (But if you’re moving here from Manhattan or San Francisco you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the home prices!) We work with clients in all price ranges to help them find a home that works within their budget.

I’d to take public transit to work. Which are the best Boston suburbs for commuting by train or subway?

You have lots of choices. It really depends on where in Boston that you’re commuting to. If you’ll be working near North Station, you’ll most likely want to pick train routes that are north or northwest of the city. If you’re commuting to South Station, you’ll most likely want to pick train routes that are west or south of the city. You can check out our Boston Commuting Guide or the website for commute maps, costs, estimated travel time, and more.How can I get the latest information about homes for sale in the Boston area?

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