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Average tax rates across Massachusetts towns

Massachusetts property taxes 2014

Property tax rates have increased in many Boston-area communities. On average, single-family property tax bills have increased by $507 since 2011. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue recently created this handy chart above to show a high-level view of the average residential property tax bills across the state.

Many of the communities with the highest property tax rates are clustered in desirable towns close to Boston. Average tax bills for these communities include:

Who is representing you in your home purchase?

interior home photo resized 600
Buying a home can be a confusing process, and it’s made even more confusing when you encounter a slew of different realtors along the way. It’s important to understand each realtor’s role in the transaction, and how to protect your interests when buying a home.

Here are a few common areas where confusion arises.

Three secrets to finding your new home

the secret 645099 m resized 600As I walked through a nearby café this morning, I heard a young woman lamenting to her friend that she found five homes listed for sale online that she liked but three of them were already sold. This is a common concern among today’s home buyers in the Boston area, who are battling for a slim number of homes for sale. According the Warren Group, “low inventory continues to plague the [real estate] market.” With the volume of homes for sale in our area at an eight-year low, it’s tough on home buyers. So what can you do to make the home buying process easier? Here are three quick tips.

Considering downsizing from the Boston suburbs?

neighborhood   boston resized 600

When I hear the term downsizing I often think of seniors, but I've noticed an interesting trend lately. My friends with kids who are headed to college are positively giddy about getting out of the burbs. They loved suburban life while the kids were young but now they're anxious for the next phase of their lives. Free of carpools and lawn care, they're excited about embarking on a new adventure. One friend excitedly whispered to me "we just have one year left before we put our plan into action!"

Wellesley public schools promote STEM education

Wellesley Education Foundation resized 600

Newcomers to the Boston area often ask me what makes some of our public school systems stand out. From what I've seen, innovation, inspiration, and cooperation are at the heart of what makes public schools like Wellesley's a wonderful place to learn.

Wellesley High School consisistently ranks among the top public school schools in the Boston area. The Wellesley Education Foundation's upcoming STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Expo is a great example of why. People across the community are working together to continually advance opportunities for Wellesley students.

Boston real estate by the numbers

Boston real estate - Boston Magazine

If you're moving to the Boston area, the good news is there's a lot of choices when it comes to buying a home, but the wealth of choices can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Newcomers to the area need to know things like:

Five home features that make Boston winters a little nicer

Boston winter

This week I was taken aback when a new client of mine who's moving to Boston told me "a garage isn't important to me". I told her I worry that she won't feel that way after spending her first winter here! And this little chat spurred me to share the five little home features that help me get through the winter here in Boston.

Why are we hooked on luxury real estate?

concord home for sale resized 600

Even after nearly a decade in the Boston real estate market, I never tire of browsing online listings. If shows like Selling New York and Million Dollar Listings have shown us anything it's that I'm not alone in this hobby.

Three things Zappos can teach Realtors

describe the image

I was having a tough time finding boots that fit me, so I checked out Zappos. We in the real estate industry could learn a lot from their approach to customer service. Here are three Zappos practices I'd like to see adopted in the Boston real estate market.

Luxury homes faring well in the Boston suburbs

5 Willow St Weston MA resized 600

The luxury real estate market performed well in 2013, with more than 330 homes valued in excess of $1M selling in Boston's Metrowest suburbs alone. Below are some highlights of the top luxury home sales across the Boston suburbs last year.

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