Newcomers to Boston often have a few things on their “wish list” for the new town where they’d like to settle. More often that not this includes top rated public schools, a reasonable commute to Boston — and a vibrant town center.

The latter bit is something that’s not common in much of our suburbs. However, here are three that fit the bill:

Concord: The town’s historic town center feels like it’s from a bygone era, complete with access to the homes of Emerson and Hawthorne. This walkable town center features boutiques, cafes, an expansive library, art galleries, and more. It’s the perfect place for a leasurely Sunday stroll.

Lexington: From the independent movie theatre, to the town green, Lexington town center has much to offer. There’s a good mix of mom & pop stores and brand name shops. You’ll also find many fun community activities underway downtown. (Last time I drove through there were hundreds of small children running around dressed as Minutemen!)

Wellesley: Wellesley Center offers easy access to the train to Boston, the Wellesley Free Library, dozens of boutiques, numerous restaurants (Blue Ginger is my favorite for a special night out), a handful of cafes, plus a short walk to one of the area’s only Italianate gardens.



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