Spring home style

Circle Furniture - photo shoot at 92 Bullard St Sherborn

Spring puts even décor-challenged people like me in the mood to liven up their home’s look for the new season. But it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why I was happy to catch a few minutes this week with three design experts who shared handy tips on sprucing up your home for springtime.

Look to the runway

“Color is showing its face everywhere you look,” says Stephanie Birchenough of Circle Furniture. “What seems to happen is the fashion world comes out with a great color and about 6-12 months later the home furnishing world picks up on the color and it becomes huge. This year the hot color is Tango Tangerine. From citrus to pink hues, bright colors are cropping up everywhere.”

Lighten things up

“Spring is all about bright, clean spaces,” said Deborah Carducci of Carducci Design Group, Inc. “Pack up heavy blankets in the bedroom and replace them with a wonderful cotton throw. If you have layered window treatments, consider removing the draperies and leaving the top treatments to really open up the windows and let the summer light come in.”

Treat yourself

Find a new print or solid tablecloth in a beautiful cotton fabric,” recommends Carducci. “It’ll really change the mood of your dining room. Also, play with color in your powder room. Try a fun accent color or a crisp white.”

Switch things up

Remove all the furniture from a room and start all over again,” says Birchenough. “Then reload the space in a different way than it was before. Some pieces of furniture will need to be where they were originally, but the idea is to give a fresh look to the room that will only cost you an hour or two of time.”

Create an intimate outdoor space

“Create an outdoor ‘room’ to relax in,” said Birchenough. “The perfect space in your yard is someplace with a feature to look at, like a water garden, a flower bed, or even a rock wall, to anchor the space. Then build on it like you would indoors. Don’t be afraid to use elements you see is inside, such as indoor/outdoor rugs, sofas, chairs, and tables. Consider creating a pergola over the space and adding sheer curtains that will blow in the breeze.”

Choose durable furnishings

“Outdoor furniture has come a long way from wooden picnic tables and aluminum folding chairs,” said Birchenough. “Today we’re seeing what looks like living room furniture outside in backyards, patios, and decks. Upholstery companies are now making furniture that can sustain harsh weather. They use metal frames for the skeleton, drainable fibers for the cushions, and Sunbrella® fabrics for the casings and coverings. You can also use outdoor furniture that resembles wicker but is built to withstand sun and snow.”

Create some warmth

“One way to make an outside space especially inviting is to install a fire pit,” said Birchenough. “Fire draws people together. Think about where everyone congregates at a party. They all stand around the kitchen where there’s fire or they all sit near a fireplace. The idea is to recreate this feeling outside. When you place some comfortable outdoor chairs and lounges around the fire it becomes the most inviting space.”Have a real estate question? Contact Kyle Mann to learn more about selling your home in the Boston suburbs. Mann is a Realtor with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty.

[photo courtesy of Circle Furniture]

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