Moving to the Boston area?

I thought I’d share a quick overview of the most common home styles you’ll find here in the Boston suburbs.




Colonial-style homes are one of the most popular home styles in the leafy suburbs of Boston. These two- to three-story homes have a symmetrical facade, and typically have a gable roof. Usually the living area is on the first floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor. Like this house in the Boston suburb of Weston, many higher-end colonial-style homes feature architectural details such as transom windows and porticos.

Pine_Hill_Rd_Southboro_cape_home.jpegCape-style homes have a low, broad profile and a moderately steep roof. Some Cape-style homes tend to have smaller rooms than similiarly sized colonial and contemporary-style homes. Many Cape-style homes have dormers to add extra room and bring light into the second story. 



Contemporary homes vary greatly in style, but most share common features, such as open floor plans, unusual geometric shapes, and expansive windows that bring in natural light. In recent years, we’ve seen many contemporary-style homes with eco-friendly features, such as passive solar, geothermal heating/cooling, and more. 





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