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Newcomers to the Boston area often ask me what makes some of our public school systems stand out. From what I’ve seen, innovation, inspiration, and cooperation are at the heart of what makes public schools like Wellesley’s a wonderful place to learn.

Wellesley High School consisistently ranks among the top public school schools in the Boston area. The Wellesley Education Foundation’s upcoming STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Expo is a great example of why. People across the community are working together to continually advance opportunities for Wellesley students.

Recently, they began some exciting initiatives to encourage students to pursue STEM degrees. According to local educators, students in Massachusetts perform better than most any other state and some of the best schools in the world when it comes to STEM topics, yet students here choose to pursue STEM degrees in lower numbers than in many other areas.

To address this challenge, Wellesley parents and businesses came together to create an incredible event featuring hands-on workshops to inspire students to see all the possibilities that STEM fields offer, from work advancing medical care to designing the next electric car. They worked collaboratively with Wellesley High School and others in the community to spark the imagination of students.

This is just the first in a series of activities where students will have an opportunity to build and fly a hovercraft, use a seismograph, and visit a planetarium.

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