Boston winter











This week I was taken aback when a new client of mine who’s moving to Boston told me “a garage isn’t important to me”. I told her I worry that she won’t feel that way after spending her first winter here! And this little chat spurred me to share the five little home features that help me get through the winter here in Boston.

1. An attached garage. I don’t think I could face walking through the snow and sleet to with the groceries to get to the house, let alone having to scrape ice off my car if I didn’t (gasp) have a garage.

2. A circular driveway. No matter how much snow we get our plow guy seems to be able to find room for it.

3. Radiant heat. With these systems, heat goes directly to the floor. I love being able to keep my toes warm, even on the very coldest days.

4. Energy-efficient windows. Boy, do they make a huge difference in heating costs and comfort on those very cold nights.

5. A hot tub. Yes, I know it’s silly, but there’s nothing better than relaxing in a super hot tub, watching the stars when there’s snow on the ground.

What “must have” features do you love having?

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